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Earn up to 2x more monetizing with BeeSwap. Looking to advertise? BeeSwap automatically creates, manages, and optimize your advertising automatically.

Earn More Monetizing With BeeSwap

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High CPM Earnings

On average, businesses that add BeeSwap to their product earn $10 per CPM.

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Works Alongside Adsense

Add BeeSwap with one piece of code. Works alongside Adsense to make you more money.

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Ads Personalized by AI

Our system writes ads specifically for your business making them ultra relevant.

Earn Money For Every Pixel 

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Monetize Your Blog

Place BeeSwap Ads within your product and earn more from your customers. Our ads are designed to help, not distract. None of our clients have reported negative impact from their customers.

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Monetize Your Blog

Any freemium user that wants to upgrade, will already do so. Monetize your freemium users and add a whole new revenue stream with zero impact to your bottom line.

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Monetize Freemium Users

Make your blog a revenue engine by monetizing all of your SEO traffic to dollars. Most of your traffic will leave and never come back, why not make money doing so?

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Monetize Tutorials or Docs

Your help center or dev docs are likely underutilized pages you can monetize. Not only will you continue to help your customers, you can earn as well.

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Monetize Post Conversion

Once a customer has made a purchase, scheduled a demo, or applied to a program, etc. can make great placements for BeeSwap.

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Monetize Anywhere

With BeeSwap you can monetize anywhere you can insert a snippet of code. The possibilities are endless, so take your pick!

Unleash New Revenue
Streams With Zero

BeeSwap dynamically tests, measures, and optimizes which Ads drive the most clicks and conversions. With these learnings, BeeSwap maximizes the money you can earn.

Earn Up to
CPM Earnings
Up to
CPC Earnings
On average
Load Time Delays
On average
Negative Feedback

Why add BeeSwap?

Our Ads are designed to feel non-intrusive, native, and act as an extension of your business. BeeSwap automatically populates hundreds of relevant, non-competing brands that are adjacent to your businesses

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Each Ad is Uniquely Written by AI to Maximize Your Revenue

Once installed, BeeSwap will dynamically swap in contextually relevant advertisers and run hundreds of A/B tests all written and personalized to your business via AI to drive a higher CTR. By our system doing this will make you the most money possible. Our engine does this all behind the scenes with no effort required on your end.

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With BeeSwap there's Zero Risk, Full Control, and Untapped Revenue

Every business is looking for ways to increase their revenue, and with BeeSwap you can bring in a new revenue streams with minimal effort and zero risk. Since BeeSwap is an embeddable script, you have full control of where it is, and when to use it. Use it as much or as little as you want. You'll have full control.

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Monetize Underutilized Traffic and Bring in Whole New Revenue Streams

Anywhere in your products or website that you have traffic are opportunities for you to make money. Enabling BeeSwap within these placements allows you to monetize in a whole new way. With the ability to customize, you can make make BeeSwap feel like a native extension of your product.

Get Started In Minutes

Our process is super simple and can get you up to speed in no time.

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1. Fill out a quick form

We'll ask you a few questions to learn a bit more about your business

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2. Get Approved and Onboard

If you're a good fit, we'll give you approval and give you access to onboard BeeSwap

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3. Implement and Earn

Onboard on your own or with an optional onboarding call and start earning

Every Ad is Written by AI to Maximize Your Revenue

BeeSwap dynamically tests, measures, and optimizes which Ads drive the most clicks and conversions. With these learnings, BeeSwap maximizes the money you can earn.

FAQs: Monetization

You've got questions, we've got answers!

How do I make money with BeeSwap?

When a customer or visitor clicks or buys a product on your BeeSwap ad placement, you make money.

What kind of advertisers will I see?

BeeSwap works with a variety of business, however, we do not allow any business to be allowed on our marketplace. In order to promote your business on BeeSwap, you need to apply, go through a vetting process, and verify your business is highly reviewed (all our business using BeeSwap have a minimum requirement of 4.0/5.0 on Capterra and G2. Plus, every business we promote on your BeeSwap ads will be related or adjacent to your business.

What control do I have?

BeeSwap only works if our code is embedded on your site. If for any reason you want it removed, moved, or only for a certain time, simply just remove the code and it will be gone. You have full control and there's zero risk.

Will BeeSwap slow down my site?

Nope! Load times are critical to site performance, so you will not see a difference it load times whatsoever.

Is managing my BeeSwap a lot of work?

Not at all. One of the main benefits of BeeSwap is it's set it, and forget it. Our system will handle everything on the backend, and will dynamically update your BeeSwap Ads on it's own.  The only thing you have to do is onboard BeeSwap to your site (takes about 45mins), from there, you'll receive a paycheck every two weeks!

I have other questions

We'd love to answer any questions you might have. Please send us an email at

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